At Fishbowl we care a lot about putting the right people in the right place, because this makes for happy workers and for better performing companies. Who doesn’t like to be happy and to perform well? Everything we do is about making it super easy for recruiters to find better candidates, and for candidates to end up with their dream jobs.

Our story

Fishbowl was founded by Jankos Damaskopoulos and Eric van Dijk. After they worked together at Google they teamed up to help companies succeed with their digital transformations. In that capacity they often get the question of how a company can acquire top talent. Their experience at Google, that acquires over half of their workers through referrals, taught them that a referral program is an extremely powerful tool for attracting top talent. This led them to developing Fishbowl, a SaaS solution that combines the power of technology with the scouts' human touch to make a successful referral program at scale possible.


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