Fishbowl Features
Making your referral program a success

Activate your scouts

Keep scouts engaged with your recruitment efforts with periodic campaigns and enable them to find talent with a single click of a button.
Well-designed, automated campaigns keep job openings top-of-mind with scouts
Easy Search
Scouts can search their LinkedIn network with a single click of a button

Reach more talent

Invite your alumni, partners and even clients to scout for talent. Fishbowl can take care of the referral fee payment for you.
External Scouts
Scouting is not limited to employees, external scouts can also be activated
Referral fee handling
Fishbowl can handle payments to scouts that are not on your payroll

Hire better candidates

Screening questions make sure scouts only refer high quality candidates instead of trying to get as many referrals in there as possible.
Screening questions
Our referral form is designed to ensure only the most fit candidates reach the recruiter
Talent Pool
Save candidates for future use, this way maintaining a full pipeline

Do more in less time

Thanks to our scout portal and automated processes, recruiters spend less time on routine tasks and more on onboarding talent
Scout portal
Scouts can always find all open jobs and the status of their referrals on the scout portal
Automated updates
Scouts can be automatically informed of changes on the status of their referral
Integrations (Custom)
Let Fishbowl sync data like jobs and applicants with your ATS or HR system