Terms of Use

The terms of use below describe your rights and responsibilities when using our recruitment platform. By “us” we mean the services under the name Fishbowl.work, of which LightboxLab BV is the legal owner. You can be a recruiter, a scout or a referral.

Who is who on our platform


The customer is the company you represent when you enter into a contract. If you do not formally belong to this company, then you are (personally) the customer.

Users of the platform
The platform has different roles, which can be assigned to users. There can be several roles per user.
- Recruiter: this is the user who manages the recruiter part, where vacancies are posted and shared and referrals are managed
- Administrator: this is a recruiter who also gets rights to manage the account. This includes: assigning new administrators, changing and canceling the subscription and adjusting payment details.
- Scout: This is a user who receives vacancies from recruiters they are associated with, with the aim of helping the recruiter to fill them by sharing referrals
- Candidate: This is the user who has been nominated by a Scout as a candidate for a vacancy (a referral). The candidate may also have a passive role if he has given the Scout permission to share the data

Subscription and payment

Free subscriptions will be renewed without notice as long as the customer leaves them on our platform. We maintain the right to deactivate a subscription if it is not used for more than a year (if no one logs in).Paid plans are prepaid and will be automatically renewed when the paid period has expired. The subscriptions can be canceled at the end of the current contract. For example, with a monthly subscription, this is the end of the current month.If customers with a continuous contract do not pay, this subscription can be restored to a free subscription.The costs that we charge include VAT, under Dutch law. Customers are responsible for settling this and checking that it is in accordance with local laws.

Intellectual property

What is ours?
All intellectual property rights to all texts, images, software and other materials associated with our services (website, tools and apps) are the property of LightboxLab BV, or are included with the permission of the relevant owner. It is prohibited to copy and use those services (or parts of them) on another platform.

It is therefore prohibited, among other things, without our prior written permission to:
- use a (copy) of (part of) the website and / or the brands placed on it for commercial purposes; and
- change (part of) the website or include it in any other work (such as a paper document, weblog or someone else’s website).

What is yours?
Data that you place in the platform is and remains yours, as long as it complies with the privacy statement that we have drawn up. According to the same rules, we can delete data if necessary. For example, CVs that are older than six months and which the candidate does not give permission to keep longer.

Use of the services

We are not responsible for the content of customer data or how customers (and its users) use our platform and how they store or process data. The services are not intended for users under the age of 16. Customers must ensure that all users are over 16 years old.

Users are expected to follow the rules
To ensure a productive and well-functioning platform, we expect everyone to adhere to the rules of use. These include a number of things that you should and should NOT do.

- Adhere to these terms of use and rules
- Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
- As a recruiter: Use our platform to post vacancies, share with scouts and fulfill and (if you promise) hand out bonuses.
- As a scout: Use our platform to share job openings, find and submit good candidates, ask for permission to share candidate data, and earn bonuses
- As a referral: making sure your data is correct, talking to potential employers and finding a cool new job
- Keep passwords and login data to yourself
- Let us know if you think that our services are being used improperly and / or if something illegal is happening

- Let users on the platform who are not registered with their own username and password
- Transfer your account to another person or give someone else access to your account
- Upload files with a virus, Trojan horse, worm or other components that can cause damage
- Use the product for other purposes than the ones described under “users of the platform”.


As we continue with the development, the platform and other components of the contract can change. When we make changes, we will do our utmost to communicate this through our services and via email, indicating a date as of when it will take effect. If customers are still customers after that date, we assume that the customer agrees with the renewed conditions.

Privacy policy

Please check our Privacy Policy for more information on how we collect and use data related to the performance of our services and websites.


This contract is subject to Dutch law

Who are you in contact with?

Lightboxlab BV, registered in the NetherlandsAddress: Daniel Stoopendaallaan 10, 3603EL MaarssenChamber of Commerce number: 75395533

You can contact us by email at: info@lightboxlab.nl