Product update

April release of Fishbowl

November 29, 2021

Unpublish jobs

We added an extra status to your jobs. When a job is set to published it is visible to recruiters, scouts and to candidates. When the job is set to unpublished the job is only visible to you, and to scouts who have a candidate in process for this job. You can change the status from the job details page, and you can see the status in the job overview in the status column. 

Referral-job filter

You can now easily see which referrals you have for a specific job. Just click on the referral bubble next to the job in the overview (only works if there is at least one referral) and voila: you will see the referrals linked to this job.

Adding scouts to campaigns (part II)

We updated this process in February to make it faster and easier, but you could only add labels. In this update we added the options to share to all your scouts and you can also add individual scouts to the campaign. 

Candidate approval email

When you have the 'Candidate Approval Setting' on, we ask the candidate for permission to share data in the language setting of the scout. When your scout has the language settings to Dutch, we will now also send en English version to increase the change of the recipient understanding the message.

Choose your bonus

When you create or edit a job it is now possible to set the bonus in euro, dollar or non-monetary (the gift icon). 

Preview of scout notifications

Did you ever wonder what message your scouts receive when you choose to send them an update about a status change in an application? You can now preview the message before you send it. 

Process updates

  • We added the option to delete scouts in bulk. Select one or more scouts and click on the action button above the overview
  • A few small changes to the campaign overview makes it work just a bit better
  • You can now sort all the columns in the overviews by clicking on them

Bug fixes 

  • In some cases the language changed when you didn't want to
  • In some overviews you saw the 'Is this candidate interested in this job' question twice

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