Product update

February release of Fishbowl

November 29, 2021

Early February we decided to release a few improvements on the platform that will make your life as a recruiter a bit easier.

Selecting scouts in campaigns

We heard your feedback that selecting scouts for a campaign was a bit messy. We no longer load all the individual scouts in this stage which makes if perform better. Also, we visualize the labels now in a way that have a clear overview of the labels you want to select.

Scout statistics

Curious which of your scouts are most active on the platform? You can now see the (total) number of referrals and hires per individual scout. If you want to use the carrot or the stick to motivate them is up to you! :)

Duplicate campaigns

Tired of re-creating an almost similar campaign over and over? No more! You can now duplicate campaigns, make a few edits, and your are ready to go go go!

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