Product update

January release of Fishbowl

November 29, 2021

This release focusses on one feature: GDPR settings, everyone's favorite topic :). We are please to announce that recruiters can choose their own settings from now on.

Candidate approval

From now on recruiters can choose the Candidate Approval option in the company settings menu. When switched on, a referral that was submitted by a scout will not be directly visible for recruiters. First, the candidate will receive an email asking for permission to share their data for this particular job. If the candidate clicks 'yes', the application will become visible for the recruiter. If the candidate clicks 'no' the application and candidate data will not be shared.

Alternatively: if you switch this setting off the scouts will be asked if they have permission to share the candidate's data. Please note that regulations differ per country and that you are always responsible for making sure you comply with the GDPR.

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